Two Teens Shot at High School Basketball Game


Frederick High School in Frederick, Maryland is closed today for police to continue their investigation that began last night around 8:00 pm. During a junior varsity basketball game at the high school, two teenagers were shot outside the gymnasium. The two students injuries were not life threatening. The shooters are still at large.

Frederick Police Capt. Richard Hetherington said it was unclear what the motive for the shooting was, but their investigation is ongoing. Officers gathered around 200 students and parents who attended the game into the cafeteria for questioning.

The school was on lockdown until just after 10:00 pm when parents were finally allowed to pick up their children. One parent, Shawn Rodriguez, said “Just want to see my son and make sure he’s straight and everything is good, make sure his mind is in the right place.”

One witness said, “I heard five shots really quickly. Not quite automatic, but really fast shots.”

Frederick High School has over 1300 students enrolled in ninth grade through twelfth grade.