28-Year-Old Arrested for Assaulting 92-Year-Old Girlfriend


Willie Frances Robinson is 92 years old. She lived with her boyfriend, 28-year-old student Thomas Standley, in a home right next to her daughter, Patricia Haynes. Patricia states that Standley was often abusive with her mother, but that whenever she tried to intervene her mother would defend Standley whom she had given power of attorney to.

While Patricia insists her mother was not dating Standley, officers refer to Standley as Robinson’s boyfriend in the police report. Patricia states Standley was only a helper who made sure Robinson was fed, took her medication, and was cared for. Standley was not a licensed caregiver, however.

Robinson told officers that he hurts her all the time but she was afraid to call police. She said that since she had given him power of attorney she could not get away from him.

On Wednesday, an altercation between Robinson and Standley began when Robinson refused to take her medication. Patricia says she heard her mother screaming, “Let go of me. You’re hurting me.” She ran over to her mother’s home but was pushed out of the house by an angry Standley. Then she called police.

Police say that Standley choked Robinson and shook her violently. Standley was arrested for assault and domestic assault and is being held in the Shelby County Jail. He will appear in court on Tuesday.